Updated: How To Create a Random Banner Ad

I have got a fun tutorial for you to try this weekend on your blog! A while ago I did a tutorial on creating a header ad banner and judging from my Google Analytics it was very popular so I thought I’d turn it up a notch and making an updated version which changes on refresh! On the desktop version of this blog, TheFashionTechnologist you will see ad banner at the top of the page, if you refresh the page you will see another ad. I have three in a rotation, a Missguided, Topshop and Net-a-porter one.

If you would like your banner ad to change on refresh like this, add the following code to your theme (WordPress Only) functions file or if you are cool, to your custom functions plugin.

Then replace all the PASTE AD HERE with ad’s. If you use an affiliate network like rewardStyle then paste in the banner code in this space.

This random ad banner function has three ad’s in it, to add another simply paste in another:

When happy, open up the file where you would like your ad banner to show, for example to place it at the top of your blog then open header.php and just below the tag paste in the following (if you are struggling with where to paste it, see this tutorial!):

(uses inline styling)

That’s it! Pretty straight forward once you know how huh?


How to change the default media linking option in wordpress

You may have noticed when you upload your images to WordPress for a blog post, you are presented with some options regarding your image’s display settings. One thing I find overlooked here is the “Link To” option. I know it is often overlooked because when I go on blogs I can usually click the images on a blog post and it redirects me to the image in a blank page. This is one of the biggest no-no’s, by allowing your user to do this you will potentially lose them!

insert media into post screenshot

It’s wise to, before inserting your image into your post, change the “Link To” option to “None”, this way the image will not be clickable.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 14.23.49

You may find after you do this for a while it starts to becoming annoying and laborious (this is where I am at now!) and wish that the “Link To” option automatically have the “None” option selected. To do this, simply paste the following code into your themes function.php file or your blog’s custom functions plugin (what the hell is that?).

Now, when you go to create/edit a post, your “Link To” option will now have  “None” selected by default.


Why I do not like when I see a blog post as Uncategorized and How you can avoid this

If you are guilty of not categorizing your blog posts, admit it now. This is a safe haven for blogging faults!

The reason why I don’t like blog posts that are uncategorized is because it gives a dismal experience for your readers. Now I may be exaggerating a little to get my point across but in all honesty you would’t expect to go into a clothes store and see some products in the “Uncategorzied” section would you? It would look like those clothes were unloved, you would hardly get excited by them same goes for your readers!

So if you are one of those bloggers who do this, please stop. If you do it because you simply forget to put your post into a category, in your wordpress settings you can actually change the default post category. That way all your future blog posts will be in a much more pleasant category.

To do this (in WordPresss) go to Settings > Writing and change your default post category from “Uncategorized” to something prettier and more engaging.

change uncategorized blog post

To change all the blog posts that have already been published go to Posts > Categories, then hover over “Uncategorized” and click edit.

Change Uncategorized

Change Uncategorized

Boom! No more lonely, unwanted blog posts.


rewardStyle Banner

Screen Shot

You may have noticed we have taken down our Christmas import.io banner, today we have replaced it with a rewardStyle banner, which we will update regularly.


rewardStyle is a company that allows publishers to get the credit they deserve when advertising products. For example, if you use rewardStyle and a visitor to your blog clicks on an item and then goes ahead and buy the item of clothing you (the publisher) will gain some commission.


Let’s get started!


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Protect your WordPress site!

protect yourself

Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Mine was filled with too much food and friends and family… couldn’t of asked anything more!


For my first tutorial in 2014 I am going to be writing about security for your WordPress site, nobody wants hackers to destroy their blog they have worked tirelessly on and this is how to help make sure it doesn’t happen to you!


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Fashion and technology resource pages

fashion resources


Hello, the #30daysofcoding may be over but did you really think you would be rid of me?! (Or that I would want to stop!)


Each Thursday I will be giving a tutorial on a new piece of code I have added to the blog so make sure to check them out! Today I am attending a blogger’s event with Chloé which I am so excited about! We will be giving advice to bloggers on how to ensure there blog is as engaging to their readers as possible as well as answering any other questions they might have for us regarding their blog.


For this post however, I will be showing you how to add resource pages to your site. This will allow you to share and celebrate other resources you read and follow with your readers.


Let’s get started!


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#28 404 Page with a Difference

404 page


The 404 (page not found)  page can be neglected on a website which is a shame as it could be a gold mine. When a user sees a 404 page they might leave the website, however if it is super engaging they could find more content. Therefore for todays task I have made the 404 page more engaging in order to increase the likely hood of the reader staying on the blog and finding something new.


To achieve this I have decided to use a tag cloud, again it is rare that a blog actually does something exciting with a tag cloud but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it and use it in an unique way!


Let’s get started!


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#26 Font Awesome Love

font awesome


You may well of noticed that I might have a slight obsession/love with font awesome, at any given opportunity to use font awesome on this blog I have. It is a simple and effective way to use icons and removes the risk of pixelated ones. Therefore today I am dedicating an entire post to the lovely font awesome.


Let’s get started!


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#24 Shortcode Pinterest Board



Today we will be using shortcodes to import our Pinterest board onto a post on the blog. I am importing our #30daysofcoding board, I first created this board to store inspiration ideas for myself on different sections as well as created images when that post was ready and linking back to the Fashion Technologist when each day task was complete.


Adding a Pinterest board to your post ensures your readers see what inspires you and helps give them a better sense of you and your personality. It also advertises your Pinterest which reader may follow and then you can then use Pinterest to drive traffic back to your blog!


Let’s get started!


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