2 Quick Ways To Make Your Blog More Secure From Hackers

I was speaking to a blogger the other day, she needed help with her theFEED settings so she sent me some temp login details for her blog for me to look around. To login in to WordPress sites the URL is always YOURBLOGDOMAIN.COM/wp-admin/ which is the most secure thing. This blogger (I’m not mentioning her name because it defeats the purpose of this post!) had changed her admin url to as she had been hacked a few times.

This isn’t the first time I have logged into a site with a unique admin url so I thought I should share with a great tutorial on how to do this on your own blog to make it more secure.

On top of this, another way to increase security is ensuring none of your users should have the username “Admin” as this makes it easier for a hacker to get into your WordPress backend. What would be best is to delete this user and only have unique usernames with unique passwords.

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