One overlooked way to re-engage blog readers // Fixing broken links

Check yo’ links!

When a user clicks on a broken link they are taken to a 404 page (tip: style your 404 page), which is your blog’s error page! If the user can’t find what they are looking for, they most probably, at this point, will leave.

After writing your blog posts make sure to check all links work. Links linking to other content on your site AND links to external sites (make sure these open in a new window).

What you can do now is get this cool plugin called “Broken Link Checker”, which can be found here. Use this to scour your blog to see if you have any broken links and rectify them.

Lecture over! =]


Intro and #1 The Set-Up

30 days of coding


Technology is exploding, everywhere we look things are getting faster, more accessible and impressive. Considering we are in the “Digital Revolution” this hardly comes as much of a surprise. It would be fair to say the fashion industry was a little hesitant to get involved straight away, with many actually ridiculing Natalie Massenet’s (Founder of Net-A-Porter) idea of buying clothes online (who’s laughing now?!).


Times have changed and year on year technology is embraced more, we now have apps that can let us buy products by simply taking a picture of an item with our phone, virtual fitting rooms helping us ensure we get the right size when shopping online, and of course you will never miss a moment of fashion week nowadays thanks to social media and live streaming.


However, all these companies that are creating and developing these amazing pieces of software have a strong team of coding genius’ behind them to help along the way. What if you wanted to get involved and experience what coding is all about? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could join the ranks of these said genius’ and be a part of creating the technology that is embracing the fashion industry?


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