Reliving past moments – that time I did a talk at google campus to my peers on fashion & technology trends

google campus

I met with a lovely woman called Zoe, the other day. Zoe runs a networking event called Tech Talkfest. She reminded me that it was over a year ago that I did a keynote presentation at her fashion & technology conference at Google Campus – I couldn’t believe it. Where does the time actually go? Can someone tell me! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so petrified. It was the biggest talk I had every done but more scarily it was in-front of my peers. I don’t know about you but I have a fear that one day someone is going to tell me that I am a fraud and I don’t actually know what I am doing or talking about. Let’s be clear, I know I do but we all have a little self-doubt right! I really wanted to do this talk to prove to myself that I got this shit handled.

The talk was about my predicted trends in the fashion & technology space and they went over really well with the audience which was really lovely to here.



Can’t believe I’ve had that leather skirt for a year – totally bananas.



Click here to see the presentation and here to read the slide notes.


My Week Shared With You! BBC, Studio XO, BAFTA, Little Big Planet



Chloé and BAFTA


Firstly there is only one week to Christmas, big EEK! Can not wait to stuff my face with lots of food. Being from a Caribbean household, christmas dinner is traditional (turkey, stuffing etc) and then some (lamb, fish, beef etc)!


I had a lovely but challenging week just gone as I did some more filming for the BBC Computer Science program I am presenting. We had four main locations this week, first up was an awesome Fashion Technology company called Studio XO in North London. They are big in the wearable tech game at the moment, making an array of outfits for Lady Gaga including a flying dress and also light up LED shoes for boy band JLS. I really enjoyed interview co-founder Benjamin Males as we shared the same Fashion Technology vision and it is always humbling to meet others that express the same view as yourself, reassures you are on the right track.


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