#26 Font Awesome Love

font awesome


You may well of noticed that I might have a slight obsession/love with font awesome, at any given opportunity to use font awesome on this blog I have. It is a simple and effective way to use icons and removes the risk of pixelated ones. Therefore today I am dedicating an entire post to the lovely font awesome.


Let’s get started!


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#19 Make Your Blog Post Timestamp Relative Time Like Instagram

12 minutes ago


Today I have been coding in the Timberyard, it’s an internet cafe on Old Street in London that is definitely a firm favourite for chloédigital,with tea timed to perfection, and a tomato paste people could fight over it’s a nice setting to sit, eat and code away.


In this post I will be showing you how to add a time stamp that will tell your readers exactly how long ago an article was posted, just like how Instagram does! Why? It is a cool way for readers to see how active you are on your blog.


Let’s get started!!


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