Adding an interactive Feed

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In this task I will be using an application that has interested the team at chloédigital for some time and well we decided this week was the week and we had a little test of it, fell in love, created a christmas banner full of its data and well the rest is history. I approve!


Let’s get started!


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Fashion and technology resource pages

fashion resources


Hello, the #30daysofcoding may be over but did you really think you would be rid of me?! (Or that I would want to stop!)


Each Thursday I will be giving a tutorial on a new piece of code I have added to the blog so make sure to check them out! Today I am attending a blogger’s event with Chloé which I am so excited about! We will be giving advice to bloggers on how to ensure there blog is as engaging to their readers as possible as well as answering any other questions they might have for us regarding their blog.


For this post however, I will be showing you how to add resource pages to your site. This will allow you to share and celebrate other resources you read and follow with your readers.


Let’s get started!


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#7 Adding a Favicon


The Favicon- a simple little feature to make your site look that little bit more professional. This is not a long tutorial, I would say it took me under an hour to design and add my favicon to the site. Even if you are not completing all of the tasks or using a different blog theme this can still be done easily, so no excuses!


Thanks to this easy piece of code it was a well needed early night for me!



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