My Week Shared With You! BBC, Studio XO, BAFTA, Little Big Planet



Chloé and BAFTA


Firstly there is only one week to Christmas, big EEK! Can not wait to stuff my face with lots of food. Being from a Caribbean household, christmas dinner is traditional (turkey, stuffing etc) and then some (lamb, fish, beef etc)!


I had a lovely but challenging week just gone as I did some more filming for the BBC Computer Science program I am presenting. We had four main locations this week, first up was an awesome Fashion Technology company called Studio XO in North London. They are big in the wearable tech game at the moment, making an array of outfits for Lady Gaga including a flying dress and also light up LED shoes for boy band JLS. I really enjoyed interview co-founder Benjamin Males as we shared the same Fashion Technology vision and it is always humbling to meet others that express the same view as yourself, reassures you are on the right track.


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Until Now…






It’s Chloé here, I am so excited to be posting this blog post today. Amy has been coding for #30daysofcoding ALL November to set this blog up and I believe she has done an amazing job of it! They say do something for 30 days straight and it becomes a habit so I thought it cool to have Amy code to increase her skills and she has grown so much as a coder. Well done Amy!


Every Monday I am going to be writing a post about chloédigital, what we have been up to in the past week and what we excited about for the week to come. The first year of chloédigital has been an absolute whirlwind adventure, one that I could not have imagined going in. I have learn’t that putting yourself out there in the world with an idea or a certain view point really creates miracles. In the last year I have been fortunate to meet lots of people interested in coding and fashion technology so we thought it best to set up a lifestyle blog to share with you the ins and outs of this niche and exciting industry especially from the London view point. I noticed I was always telling people to own their own blog in order to document their life journey as a memoir to look on in the future. Imagine what the internet is going to be like in 10 years from now, I think everyone should have a piece of it, so here we are with our view.


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#27 Topic Image Links

top bar images


I know I keep going on about it but only 3 days left of #30daysofcoding… I don’t know what I am going to do with all my spare time! Well I will still be working but regular working hour will fall back into place I am sure! Yesterday was far from a normal day coding as I attended a Go Think Big event which Chloé (founder of chloédigital) was speaking at. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic girls around the age of 16 are about technology! The blog will have a full post on the day in a few days so make sure to check it out!


Today I have added a top bar containing images which links to top tags on the blog. A great way for users to access your content is creating topic images that can be used as links to tags or categories that you don’t have in your main navigation. You can place this in your sidebar but we have decided to place them at the top.


Let’s get started!

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