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Chloé Watts is the Founder of chloédigital and a Fashion Technologist.

This April, chloédigital and rewardStyle launched a product called ‘theFEED’, a WordPress mobile site plugin that automatically optimises a bloggers site for mobile. It combines a bloggers Instagram’s, Blog Content and rewardStyle shop favourites into one continuous feed, allowing readers/followers to have a running dialog with their influencer.

I like profiling theFEEDrs here on TheFashionTechnologist because they are all pretty awesome and if you choose to join us you’ll be in good company!


Today I am profiling:

Her Blog Is:

Brief Bio:
Okay so Corrine’s site is a premium deals site! Which is pretty awesome in my opinion, she scours the web to find awesome fashion/beauty/lifestyle/parenting deals and tells her readers about them. Corrine is one of theFEED’s early users and therefore has a special place in my heart =]

This is what Corrine Has To Say About her experience with theFEED:


I cannot say enough good things about theFEED! It’s completely changed my reader’s experience on my blog! So many people responded positively when I asked my readers to check out the new features, and even after that I’ve still received a steady stream of positive comments and feedback. The ability to make your site mobile friendly in a few easy steps is so helpful. I feel like this would’ve cost me thousands of dollars to hire out, so I’m incredibly grateful to chloédigital and rewardStyle for making this available to me! Thank you thank you!!!

Are you a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger? Join Corrine, click here to signup for theFEED Today.



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