The Blogger Freak Out Email: Part Two // WordPress Timezone

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You know how I said last week that I get these blogger freak out emails which make it seem like the world is ending? I got another one today, courtesy of Larissa aka Larz of Don’t get me wrong I love Larz, she is only 19 years old and she is achieving ALOT in the blogging world, but she freaked out today because her blog post wouldn’t publish. I guess it was actually a big deal because it was for Teen Vogue and Sephora so maybe the freak out was warranted!
Nonetheless she asked:



The Question: My blog post was scheduled but never posted on time, so I went in to manually publish it and every time I try to, it reverts back to being scheduled again! What’s going on?

I have heard this issue a few times and I get that it is frustrating. Luckily it is an easy fix.
I am not 100% as to why it happens but WordPress timezone settings changes sometimes, maybe because you are in a different location then when you first set your WordPress site, actually that is probably why. If/When you ever have this issue, have a look in your settings, at the timezone WordPress says you are currently in. If it is wrong, then choose where you are from the dropdown or manually set it from the UTC options.
This is a screenshot from my WordPress timezone settings. You’ll notice, because of daylight saving hours, it says my current timezone is an hour before the time actually is. What I have done here is chosen UTC+1 so my WordPress time is London time right now.
wordpress timezone
That’s it, if you go back to the blog post that would not publish, it will now!




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