My Week Shared With You! BBC, Studio XO, BAFTA, Little Big Planet

Chloé Watts is the Founder of chloédigital and a Fashion Technologist.



Chloé and BAFTA


Firstly there is only one week to Christmas, big EEK! Can not wait to stuff my face with lots of food. Being from a Caribbean household, christmas dinner is traditional (turkey, stuffing etc) and then some (lamb, fish, beef etc)!


I had a lovely but challenging week just gone as I did some more filming for the BBC Computer Science program I am presenting. We had four main locations this week, first up was an awesome Fashion Technology company called Studio XO in North London. They are big in the wearable tech game at the moment, making an array of outfits for Lady Gaga including a flying dress and also light up LED shoes for boy band JLS. I really enjoyed interview co-founder Benjamin Males as we shared the same Fashion Technology vision and it is always humbling to meet others that express the same view as yourself, reassures you are on the right track.


Second up (same day!) was BAFTA in Piccadilly Circus to meet Mitu, who created a game called Redshirt and is now a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. BAFTA is a beautiful place with lots of talented people. Amazing quotes lined the walls and in the members lounge the air brooded of the next British top hit as some of this countries greatest minds chatted away. I really enjoyed meeting Mitu as she reminded me a lot of myself in regards to how we got in to coding, purely accidentally as no one told us it was an option!

BAFTA Stairs


The following day we went to Guilford to go to Media Molecule HQ where the amazing LittleBigPlanet game is made. I had an absolute blast there, their offices are out of this world, so colourful and fun! I went to interview John Beech, who is the sweetest dude! After working in construction following minimal qualifications from school he used to play a lot of computer games in his spare time.


John Beech and Chloé


The love of playing games lead him to create his own level on LittleBigPlanet, the community absolutly loved it which lead the directors of Media Molecule to take note. Long story short John was offered a job at the company as the directors loved how he manipulated the game. Dream come true for him, so fun!


Chloé and Rachel


After a long car journey with the film director Rachel, two camera men and me from Guilford up to Old Street, during rush hour I might add, we reached Bonhill Street the home of Google Campus. This weekend passed was the Frontrow I/O Start Up Hackathon Weekend where business people, developers, and designers come together to create websites, apps etc that can be used to aide the fashion industry. When we arrived on Friday all the participants were pitching their ideas, which was fun to hear, some I have already heard though to be honest, I guess being immersed in Fashion Technology you are bound to here duplicates pop up. Not necessarily a mad thing though, there isn’t just one type of chair out there, there are loads! All fulfilling the purpose of allowing us to sit!



THIS week, at work we will be rounding off the year before our two week break. Well it isn’t really a break more like two week reflection time to review the business and choose the plans for 2014 from what went right and wrong from 2013. I will be helping young female business owners with their business plans at Forward3d digital agency as well! Should be a fun experience, cannot wait to hear what their ideas are. I also have a lovely Christmas dinner with my #girlboss friends because when you start your own business there is no company christmas party (yet) and you get jealous when your friends are going to their big dos! We will probably spend the whole time using the following words “Fashion”, “Technology”, “London” – which of course are my favourite!


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