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Today I will be showing you how to add a little extra footer on the homepage of your blog to show off some of your favourite resources! It is a simple bit of code and should not take you very long.


First start by adding the resources footer div to your index page underneath your blog posts, the code you will need to add is this:



Next in this div add individual divs for each of the resources you wish to add, repeat this code four times:


You will need to change the title and url for each of these divs to your chosen resources. The url should be the RSS feed of the site you wish to share.


Check out this previous post for a breakdown of the php.


This section of the code above decides on how many articles to bring in for each post, I have decided to bring four, if you wish to have more or less simply change the if statement ($i ==4) to the number you wish:





You are now ready to add the styling:


And you are finished! That wasn’t that hard was it!


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