Why I do not like when I see a blog post as Uncategorized and How you can avoid this

Chloé Watts is the Founder of chloédigital and a Fashion Technologist.

If you are guilty of not categorizing your blog posts, admit it now. This is a safe haven for blogging faults!

The reason why I don’t like blog posts that are uncategorized is because it gives a dismal experience for your readers. Now I may be exaggerating a little to get my point across but in all honesty you would’t expect to go into a clothes store and see some products in the “Uncategorzied” section would you? It would look like those clothes were unloved, you would hardly get excited by them same goes for your readers!

So if you are one of those bloggers who do this, please stop. If you do it because you simply forget to put your post into a category, in your wordpress settings you can actually change the default post category. That way all your future blog posts will be in a much more pleasant category.

To do this (in WordPresss) go to Settings > Writing and change your default post category from “Uncategorized” to something prettier and more engaging.

change uncategorized blog post

To change all the blog posts that have already been published go to Posts > Categories, then hover over “Uncategorized” and click edit.

Change Uncategorized

Change Uncategorized

Boom! No more lonely, unwanted blog posts.


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