Reliving past moments – that time I did a talk at google campus to my peers on fashion & technology trends

google campus

I met with a lovely woman called Zoe, the other day. Zoe runs a networking event called Tech Talkfest. She reminded me that it was over a year ago that I did a keynote presentation at her fashion & technology conference at Google Campus – I couldn’t believe it. Where does the time actually go? Can someone tell me! I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so petrified. It was the biggest talk I had every done but more scarily it was in-front of my peers. I don’t know about you but I have a fear that one day someone is going to tell me that I am a fraud and I don’t actually know what I am doing or talking about. Let’s be clear, I know I do but we all have a little self-doubt right! I really wanted to do this talk to prove to myself that I got this shit handled.

The talk was about my predicted trends in the fashion & technology space and they went over really well with the audience which was really lovely to here.



Can’t believe I’ve had that leather skirt for a year – totally bananas.



Click here to see the presentation and here to read the slide notes.


That Time I Hosted A Documentary for BBC On Coding

Documentary BBC on Coding

Last year I had the opportunity to film a documentary for the BBC on Coding. It was the funniest and craziest experience of my life so far! When I was younger I actually wanted to be a presenter and had zero idea I’d end up being a developer so it was great to do something which combined the too.

During the weeks of filming I met some super inspiring people who have helped shaped chloédigital today and for that I am eternally grateful

You can watch it here:

Direct Link:


Coding theFEED, the late night edition

coding theFEED
It’s 23:17 and I am up coding the next version of theFEED. I am super excited about this next version I can hardly breathe (too dramatic?). This next edit is all about the rewardStyle shop, making it more customisable than it is now and really allowing the publisher to curate a shop feed of products for their followers.
When I am excited about coding something I just want it to be here already and sometimes don’t want to actually go through the process of coding it! It appears simple when it’s finished but coding the “effortless” things are actually the things that take the most time!
I don’t mind being up late coding, I often have to force myself to go to sleep as I can see day breaking outside my window. Now I know that puts me in the ultimate geek category but I love it. I had a chat with my friend early today and he was making fun of his web developer who stays up late to code his site and I was like MATE, those are my peoples!
When you love what you do in any industry you never want to stop doing it, because it’s not work for you – it’s fun, and who wants to stop having fun? That’s not to say that sometimes it’s not difficult. I often come up with bug’s coding theFEED that I don’t on face value know how to fix, but I revel in the challenge of finding the solution – as I have faith that I can and will do – regardless of how long it takes!
I’ve tried to fix bugs in the past that have taken DAYS, days staring at the same page, countless refreshes to see if the small piece of code I changed fixed the problem – can you imagine! But there is no, I mean NO great feeling then working on something for such a long time then finally figuring out what the problem was, it feels so good! The best part about it is once you’ve solved it once, you now know the solution for life!
Therefore I count all bugs as a win! Gotta stay positive out here =]
Okay happy rant over, I am going back to my code.




theFEED: Creating an eNewsletter series



Good Morning!


This weekend I was working on theFEED, on the email templates theFEED users receive for various reasons once they have signed up. I want to start sharing with you what I am learning from theFEED signups and users and how I am using this data to improve on how I am making communication with the FEEDrs (bloggers who signup and are using theFEED on their mobile sites) better. Actually, it is not just the data I collect which influences my decisions, it is also the conversation I’ve been having with the users and asking what they like and don’t like. I have been surprised at what some people say that I may have taken for granted so it’s helpful when it gets spelled out to me, however insignificant it may seem on the surface.


theFEED is set to have a few different email templates but today I am going to highlight just one. This email template is for a series soon to start for theFEEDrs called “Helpful Tips”. On a daily basis I get emails from theFEED users asking questions about how to use theFEED in the best way, how to customise it etc., and often the questions they ask have been asked quite a few times already by other users. So, I have devised an email series which not only highlights the bloggers who asked the question but also allows everyone to know the answer at the same time (with screenshots, we all like those!), hopefully helping those who didn’t think to ask!


eNewsletter Helpful Tips


I am going to update this blog post once i’ve sent a few of these bad boys out to see how responsive theFEEDrs are to them.





Ask me your tech questions!

submit your questions

Can I safely say I’m in the blogging swing of things now?


It’s weird because I spend my day speaking to bloggers and yet I was not consistent on my own blog. I was starting to feel like a hypocrite and well no-one likes those. The beauty of blogging for me is I’ve been working with bloggers since I was a wee 19 year old and still do 6 years later (yes I’m 25 =]) and as a web developer/coder if there is any tech shiz I need to get done, I can do it myself, no sweat (occasional sweat). I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone as I’ve had many a frustrated call/email/tweet etc. that something’s being getting on your nerves for a while and you just can’t figure out how to fix it.


Well on this blog I’m all about giving tips/advice/tutorials to empower you to make changes on your own blog because at the end of the day, it’s your baby just like TheFashionTechnologist is mine.


So I prompt you to let me know if you have any tech question you want answered? Let me know and I’ll do my best to make a tutorial for you here on TheFashionTechnologist. Big or small, go wild!


You can leave a comment, email me at or tweet me @chloedigital – I’m all ears.



A Day Full Of Meetings about eNewsletters: Vicki Archer and Mary of Happily Grey


Photo Cred: Vicki Archer -

Photo Cred: Vicki Archer –


Yesterday I was put to WORK, so much so I didn’t blog! Actually I shouldn’t be making excuses =]


The day was all about eNewsletter Strategy. Any one who has met me knows I love a good eNewsletter, often weirdly so. My excitement about the hidden power shines through as I explain to a blogger how awesome a great strategy could help aide their publisher goals.


In the morning I went to Chelsea, to visit Vicki Archer. Vicki is an author and blogger talking fashion and french chic. We spent about 3 hours non-stop talking about eNewsletters and made plans on how she could continue to create a loyal following over email. eNewsletters are the most traditional form of social media, as others have come and gone (we all remember MySpace, Hi5 and Facepic right?), people have continually been addicted to their email. As an online publisher it’s imperative to build your email list, it’s like having a room full of people ready for you to walk on stage and tell them what is going on with YOU!


When our meeting was all wrapped up we couldn’t help but do an impromptu photoshoot.


Chloé and Vicki


After leaving Vicki’s in Chelsea, I had to rush over to Shoreditch to meet Mary of Happily Grey. After some confusion about where we were meeting we ended up at rewardStyle’s London HQ for a meeting about, you guest it, eNewsletters! We again spent a few hours talking about all the possibilities, now and for Happily Grey’s future. Mary pointed out that her eNewsletter is to be the bottom of the funnel that brings in her readers/followers from the various social networks she is on – and I couldn’t agree more.


We too couldn’t help having an impromptu shoot!


Chloé and Mary - Happily Grey


Looking forward to helping these ladies on their journey’s it’s going to be an exciting one!


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