Coding theFEED, the late night edition

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coding theFEED
It’s 23:17 and I am up coding the next version of theFEED. I am super excited about this next version I can hardly breathe (too dramatic?). This next edit is all about the rewardStyle shop, making it more customisable than it is now and really allowing the publisher to curate a shop feed of products for their followers.
When I am excited about coding something I just want it to be here already and sometimes don’t want to actually go through the process of coding it! It appears simple when it’s finished but coding the “effortless” things are actually the things that take the most time!
I don’t mind being up late coding, I often have to force myself to go to sleep as I can see day breaking outside my window. Now I know that puts me in the ultimate geek category but I love it. I had a chat with my friend early today and he was making fun of his web developer who stays up late to code his site and I was like MATE, those are my peoples!
When you love what you do in any industry you never want to stop doing it, because it’s not work for you – it’s fun, and who wants to stop having fun? That’s not to say that sometimes it’s not difficult. I often come up with bug’s coding theFEED that I don’t on face value know how to fix, but I revel in the challenge of finding the solution – as I have faith that I can and will do – regardless of how long it takes!
I’ve tried to fix bugs in the past that have taken DAYS, days staring at the same page, countless refreshes to see if the small piece of code I changed fixed the problem – can you imagine! But there is no, I mean NO great feeling then working on something for such a long time then finally figuring out what the problem was, it feels so good! The best part about it is once you’ve solved it once, you now know the solution for life!
Therefore I count all bugs as a win! Gotta stay positive out here =]
Okay happy rant over, I am going back to my code.




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