Amy Marsh Is A Fashion Technologist In Training


What would you recommend as a go-to piece for anyone?

Since winter is in full force I would definitely recommend a decent winter coat, without trying to sound like a grandparent a good winter coat can seriously change a winter outfit.

If you could give an advice to your 14 year-old self, what would it be?

I would tell her to enjoy herself, make sure she puts everything into what she does and maybe not to go quad biking, I didn’t enjoy breaking my wrist…

What got you into coding?

Back in the day around the age of 14/15 I had a piczo site with my friends, I probably changed the homepage design weekly. Once I remember I covered the whole page in animated gifs, thinking back it probably looked impressively tacky but I loved it and spent hours testing out new html tricks I could add to it.

If you could only chose one, would you chose to save all your bags or shoes?

Such a tough question! I would probably have to save my shoes!

Current food obsession?

Honestly, Muller Rice Corners- the banana yogurt and chocolate cornflakes flavour. Can not stop eating them, but hey banana is brain food right!

Recent Articles

rewardStyle Banner

Screen Shot

You may have noticed we have taken down our Christmas banner, today we have replaced it with a rewardStyle banner, which we will update regularly.


rewardStyle is a company that allows publishers to get the credit they deserve when advertising products. For example, if you use rewardStyle and a visitor to your blog clicks on an item and then goes ahead and buy the item of clothing you (the publisher) will gain some commission.


Let’s get started!


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Protect your WordPress site!

protect yourself

Happy New Year! I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Mine was filled with too much food and friends and family… couldn’t of asked anything more!


For my first tutorial in 2014 I am going to be writing about security for your WordPress site, nobody wants hackers to destroy their blog they have worked tirelessly on and this is how to help make sure it doesn’t happen to you!


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Adding an interactive Feed

Screen Shot



In this task I will be using an application that has interested the team at chloédigital for some time and well we decided this week was the week and we had a little test of it, fell in love, created a christmas banner full of its data and well the rest is history. I approve!


Let’s get started!


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Fashion and technology resource pages

fashion resources


Hello, the #30daysofcoding may be over but did you really think you would be rid of me?! (Or that I would want to stop!)


Each Thursday I will be giving a tutorial on a new piece of code I have added to the blog so make sure to check them out! Today I am attending a blogger’s event with Chloé which I am so excited about! We will be giving advice to bloggers on how to ensure there blog is as engaging to their readers as possible as well as answering any other questions they might have for us regarding their blog.


For this post however, I will be showing you how to add resource pages to your site. This will allow you to share and celebrate other resources you read and follow with your readers.


Let’s get started!


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#30 Widget with Tabs on Sidebar- Part Two with Twitter



It is my final day for #30daysofcoding eek! Make sure to still check out this blog though as myself and Chloé will be giving you an insight to a fashion technologist life as well as give some coding tips along the way!


Today I will be showing you how to add an extra tab to your already added sidebar widget that includes a twitter stream. Gaining a following is important on any social media platform when having a blog. Therefore displaying your twitter clearly showing what you tweet about will help this.


Let’s get started!


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#29 Widget with Tabs on Sidebar

sidebar widget


It is the second to last day!!


Today I will be showing you how to add another widget to your sidebar, in this case it will be stream of post’s which a user can select to read or share. At the moment our feed is set up to show the 30daysofcoding category, however after the 30daysofcoding is complete we will have a category showing exactly what Chloé and I are getting up to in the fashion technology world, whether it be an event we are attending, or a day spent coding. By completing this we will have a stronger level of engagement with our readers.


I have chosen to use tabs as in the future I will have this widget doing multiple other things with other tabs, but really it is an extra you may wish to just shown the live feed by itself.


Let’s get started!

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#28 404 Page with a Difference

404 page


The 404 (page not found)  page can be neglected on a website which is a shame as it could be a gold mine. When a user sees a 404 page they might leave the website, however if it is super engaging they could find more content. Therefore for todays task I have made the 404 page more engaging in order to increase the likely hood of the reader staying on the blog and finding something new.


To achieve this I have decided to use a tag cloud, again it is rare that a blog actually does something exciting with a tag cloud but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it and use it in an unique way!


Let’s get started!


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#27 Topic Image Links

top bar images


I know I keep going on about it but only 3 days left of #30daysofcoding… I don’t know what I am going to do with all my spare time! Well I will still be working but regular working hour will fall back into place I am sure! Yesterday was far from a normal day coding as I attended a Go Think Big event which Chloé (founder of chloédigital) was speaking at. It was so nice to see how enthusiastic girls around the age of 16 are about technology! The blog will have a full post on the day in a few days so make sure to check it out!


Today I have added a top bar containing images which links to top tags on the blog. A great way for users to access your content is creating topic images that can be used as links to tags or categories that you don’t have in your main navigation. You can place this in your sidebar but we have decided to place them at the top.


Let’s get started!

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#26 Font Awesome Love

font awesome


You may well of noticed that I might have a slight obsession/love with font awesome, at any given opportunity to use font awesome on this blog I have. It is a simple and effective way to use icons and removes the risk of pixelated ones. Therefore today I am dedicating an entire post to the lovely font awesome.


Let’s get started!


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