The goal of this blog is to show how loving fashion and code can be a natural occurrence for someone. To be a consumer of technology is one thing, to have the power to create the technology takes your game to a whole new level. TheFashionTechnologist is brought to you by chloédigital serving with the purpose to provide fashion bloggers with fun and straight-forward tech tips/advice.

30 days of codingWhen this blog launched in Novemeber 2013, for 30days we decided to code our WordPress theme, that the blog is built, on from scratch, providing tutorials on everything we did. We called it #30daysofcoding and you can find out more about it here.

Feel free to get in touch info@chloedigital.com

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  1. Finally, a site that accepts fashion and IT! I studied Business Information Technology at University which people find fascinating down to the fact I have social skills and follow fashion. Unfortunately I found it extremely hard to get into the fashion industry via technology, therefore, am now working as a project manager for an advertising company in London.
    Please do get in touch with any up and coming roles as I would be extremely interested!


    • Hey Tab! So glad you like it :)

      That is actually how I was at uni, in my computing class I was the odd one out but I didn’t notice because I was loving the work and up on till that point didn’t actually know people made websites as careers! So we are here to bring awareness and help others know that its cool to love the two.


  2. Great! I love your initative. I am myself a huge fan of fashion and the IT industry and thought that these two can never get along! I am looking foward for you future projects! :)

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