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Nine tiny days to go! Can you believe it?! I definitely can’t. Today I will be showing you how to add a footer to every page on the blog, it will also contain a subscription box that shows on every page bar the stay updated page and a post page (as this page already has a subscription box underneath the post). It was a fairly easy day, some confusion did come when I realised the fixed footer in the post page (you know the one with the circles that pop-out?) would now be going over the footer which was not right, so that took a bit more time than I expected. However, I did manage to figure out the function to display the subscription box on every other page bar the post pages very easily so I still feel I am improving my coding knowledge.


Let’s get started!



You will need to have completed these tasks to be to take part in todays challenge (I have added notes of the changes which you need to make to #6 and #2 at the end of their posts):

#18 Track Where on the Blog Readers are Signing Up

#6 Fixed Scrolling Social Media Buttons

#2 Pop Up


To start first add remove this current footer code in the footer.php file and underneath the closing page div add this footer section of code instead:



The php code in this code below is asking if the user is not on the single post page and the stay updated page add this section of code, as an exclamation mark stands for ‘not':



This section of php we gave just added automatically updates the date of the copyright so it does not have to be done manually:



You will also notice I have added a checkbox in the form again this tells me again where users have signed up, in order to make this please follow the instructions here:



Next add the styling by searching for the footer section in the style.css page and replace it with this style:



Make sure you add footer (example below) before any new styling to the subscription box as this will mean it will only effect the subscription box in the footer:





Leave a comment with any questions or to submit your progress and make sure to check out the blog tomorrow and see what has changed!




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