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I am kind of superstitious, I will salut (/casually play with my hair if people are around) a magpie if there is only one near me, I do not walk under signs ever and as soon as I realised it was the 13th blog post I got a little bit nervous. However, there was no need, this post went well, everything worked when it should of done and it was completed in reasonable time. Some people say the number 13 is actually their lucky number, maybe I will go with that from now on…


Today I am showing you how to make an author page, this is particularly useful to bloggers who may have guest bloggers regularly. Nonetheless, even if you don’t it is a nice way to give a little bit of personal information out about yourself.


Let’s get started!


First start by downloading the yoast plugin, amongst other great SEO features, this plugin allows us to add social media links to their user settings.

Next open up your functions.php page and enter this section of code at the bottom of the file:



This will add a Question and Answer section to your ‘Users’ settings page that looks like this:


Screen Shot


You do not need to add this question and answers section, however we felt it would be more engaging for our readers to find out more about us so have added it.

I will now go through the section of code we have just added so if you need to make any adjustments you are able to because you understand the code.


This part adds the table in the user settings:


And this part saves and updates the section if the person editing it has the right permissions too (i.e is the author):


Now head to your author.php page. Remove this section of code in the h1 tag and replace with word author:

It should now look like this:


Add this section under the end of the header tag:


I will now go through this section of code.

This part brings in your profile picture and sets the size to 200 pixels (NB you will need to of completed the gravatar section in the author box post I completed on day 5):

This part:

This part brings in the author description:

This part brings in the twitter picture (by using font awesome) and the twitter handler and link from the user settings (NB you will need to of put in your twitter handler this in the users settings page):

This part brings in the email logo (again using font awesome) and a link to create an email to send to the author:

This part adds brings in the question and answers section:



Next add the styling to the bottom of the style.css file:


Next in the question and answers section (you have added to the users settings page) you will need to add your question and answers. Place the questions in strong tags (i.e<strong></strong>) and use <br><br> to create gaps between sections:






Leave a comment with any questions or to submit your progress and make sure to check out the blog tomorrow and see what has changed!


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